Sustainable Promotional Merchandise and Packaging


Deluxe Promos is a Canadian-owned and operated company serving companies worldwide.

After four years of working in the traditional promotional products industry, Deluxe founder Sadie Harris couldn’t take it anymore. The number of gadgets and whatzits winding up in the landfill everyday in the name of tradeshow giveaway astounded her. She knew there had to be another way. Determined to transform the world of giveaway marketing for the better, Sadie founded Deluxe Promos in 2018.

Deluxe was founded on a promise to provide sustainable alternatives to any promotional product. Our team focuses specifically on products that can be used as household items, such as toothbrushes and food wraps. The goal at Deluxe is to eliminate plastic from this merchandise and to replace it instead with sustainable and biodegradable materials like hemp, bamboo, and beeswax.

All of our promotional merchandise comes in zero or biodegradable packaging. As we provide you with the latest in sustainable promo, it’s our hope that you will take it a step further and commit to sustainable packaging for your own product lines. Our team is eager to work with you on designing and sourcing a packaging solution that fits your needs and the needs of the environment.

We work with factories around the world to provide your business with adaptable, cost-effective promotional merchandise and packaging your customers will love. Humane working conditions are essential to what we do and we require that all of our production partners provide a safe workplace and pay employees a living wage. When you work with us, you can rest assured you’re receiving quality from the inside out.