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Google Partners with Ellen MacArthur to Accelerate Sustainable Economy

Google is renowned for its commitment to fostering worldwide progress towards global sustainability. In a recent endeavor, Google has partnered with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and the California Academy of Sciences to create an online platform designed to educate and encourage users to take part in small scale sustainability initiatives.

The platform, “Your Plan, Your Planet,” is an interactive interface designed to break down users’ menial habits and push them to make small changes that will reduce their economic impact in a big way.


Your Plan, Your Planet is divided into four sections: stuff, water, energy, and food. Each section breaks down into common habits followed by sustainability tips, and pledges. First you will identify your unsustainable habits, then proceed to collect tips on how to make better daily choices, fostering new habits and ultimately pledging to make the small changes that will contribute to a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

The primary goal of the Your Plan, Your Planet platform is to enlighten users to the incredible impact they can have simply by making minor lifestyle changes, especially the impact that we can all have by making these changes together.

The development of the Your Plan, Your Planet initiative has shed light on various other Google sustainability initiatives as well, In fact, an entire section of Google has been dedicated to its sustainability tools, reports, and progress. In this sustainable section of the omniscient Internet giant, you will find an Environmental Insights Explorer to review and monitor building and transportation emissions by city versus rooftop solar potential. You will also find reports on the effects of Global Fishing Watch on fishery management and how the circular economy is at work in Google’s data centers.

Google’s partnership with Ellen MacArthur is only just beginning. Stay tuned for more collaborative sustainability initiatives. In the meantime, get to pledging on Your Plan, Your Planet to ensure you are doing your part to accelerate global progress towards a sustainable closed economy.