Sustainable Promotional Merchandise and Packaging

Green Marketing Strategies are Better for Your Brand

Green marketing strategies sell a company’s products and/or services by placing emphasis on their environmental benefits. In this growing age of sustainability – where eco-conscious millennials are the face of your target market – integrating environmental awareness into your marketing efforts is a must.

Eco-friendly Companies get the Edge on Competitors

Statistics are showing that over 66% of consumers are willing to pay more for products from companies that prioritize having a positive social and environmental impact.

Gone are the days of price being the greatest competitive advantage. Modern consumers are looking to buy from companies that are taking a stand on social movements; companies with reusable, recyclable, and/or biodegradable products and packaging; companies minimizing their carbon footprint by fueling production with renewable energy sources and eliminating harsh chemicals from their manufacturing processes.

The consumer push to adopt an eco-friendly business framework is so strong that we are seeing popular ‘cheap and easy’ companies – such as McDonalds and Walmart – losing traction to sustainable competitors.

This shift has created ample opportunity for players to power up with green attributes and get a head start in their industry.

Social and Environmental Values Resonate with Consumers

Not only do modern consumers give precedence to green companies, they are also more likely to become repeat customers.

Companies with the lowest price but no element of social or environmental awareness generate sales without loyalty. These companies maintain potential for future business only if their price remains the lowest.

Research is¬†showing that companies that demonstrate strong social and environmental values are more likely to generate customer loyalty. This is because when consumers feel that their values are in alignment with the brands’ they are purchasing, they want to continue purchasing from these brands again and again.


The shift to an eco-conscious economy is open season for lesser known brands to create a name for themselves as socially and environmentally inept counterparts become obsolete.

Start building your green marketing plan today. Work with our team to sustainify your promotion and packaging. We’ve also got the connections to help you integrate environmental consciousness and sustainability into your products themselves.

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