Sustainable Promotional Merchandise and Packaging

Is your marketing strategy in need of an eco-makeover?

Cheap is easy, but is it going to give you the return on investment you want? Not with the increasing shift toward a more sustainable economy.

Studies show that, despite being subject to one of the most difficult economic climates in over a hundred years, Millennials are still willing to pay more to support sustainable businesses. This “Green Generation” is becoming the face of your target market, and thus adapting your marketing strategy accordingly is a must.


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Not only are Millennials more willing to spend the extra dollar to support sustainable companies, eco-friendliness also incurs the element of loyalty in consumers, so these green customers will likely come back again and again.

Socio-economic impact has become a prominent factor in consumer purchase decisions. Here are a few simple tips for giving your marketing strategy an eco-makeover that will appeal to a greener target audience.


1. Update your packaging

Your social media feed is inundated with footage of fish eating plastic and sea turtles getting tangled in discarded packaging. Wouldn’t you feel better knowing your profit margins aren’t contributing to this plastic plague? We have a whole team here waiting to get your products into more sustainable packaging. We offer everything from recycled paper boxes to plant based biodegradable plastic alternatives. All of these eco-friendly options can be fully customized to suit your branding needs.

So what are you waiting for? Why not shoot an email over to and give us the lo down on your current packaging situation? We’ll fix you up with something infinitely better, we promise. Quotes and mock-ups are 100% FREE.


2. Practice sustainable promotion

Promotional gifts are a must for sealing the deal and building a loyal client base, but the reality is, eventually these ‘gifts’ are going to end up traversing the ocean or sitting in a landfill somewhere taking thousands of years to decompose.

That’s why we’ve put our heart and soul into sourcing sustainable promotional products that, when they’ve finished doing their good work, can go right back into to soil or get recycled into another great product.

If budget is an issue, the price difference between sustainable promotional merchandise and unsustainable alternatives really isn’t as significant as you may have been led to believe. Let us know your budget and we’ll work with you to select a product that will work for your promotional needs.


3. Support an environmental initiative

Consumers love seeing companies donate a percentage of profits to an initiative that aligns with their values. Giving back might be the key to getting the edge on your competitors. Take the time to find an environmental initiative either in your community or on a larger scale that resonates with you and your business. Calculate what percentage of profits you are comfortable contributing to this cause, and get in touch to make arrangements accordingly. In some cases, these organizations will even promote your business at their own social events as a thank you for your contributions.


4. Promote sustainable product factors

Do you specifically source local or Fair Trade ingredients? Are you adamant that your products incorporate biodegradable elements? Promote that! Let your clientele know all about the efforts you are making to create a more environmentally sustainable business. They’ll love you for it and will be proud to relay this information to anyone asking about their use of your products.


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