Sustainable Promotional Merchandise and Packaging

Opt for Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Trending Promotional Products

On the market today, you have access to hundreds of thousands of logo-friendly items that promise to enhance your marketing leverage, but what are trending promotional products really doing with your logo?

Promotional products are essentially designed to achieve two objectives. First of all, they promise to maximize your brand exposure by getting as many eyes on your logo as possible. Second, they aim to build a brand reputation by telling a story about your brand that makes customers want to buy your products and services. What manufacturers of promotional products typically don’t consider is the impact these items have on the environment when they are disposed of.

Did you know that promotional items are actually one of the leading contributors to landfill and ocean pollution?

That’s right. Nearly all promotional products are disposed of within one to five years of use because the reality of the industry is that these mass-produced items are seldom built to last. Worse yet, most of these items are produced primarily using nondegradable plastic, so it will be hundreds of years before they break down and who knows what kind of damage they might cause in the meantime.

If you choose to promote this way, what are these promotional products going to say about your company when they are thirty feet deep in a landfill or snagged in a coral reef? If you’re currently sourcing for a 100k giveaway, that’s a lot of promotional waste to account for.

Lucky for you, there is a sustainable solution.

At Deluxe, we believe that for every promotional product, there is a sustainable alternative, and we’re committed to providing you with these solutions. Plastic can be easily be interchanged with biodegradable options like plant-based PLA, beeswax, cork and bamboo fiber. In recent years, science has presented us with a myriad of innovative alternatives to this harmful material and the list is only growing as global environmental initiatives continue to gain momentum.

Opting for sustainable plastic alternatives in your promotional products is possible, affordable, and benefits everyone. We specialize in converting businesses around the world to using sustainable promotional products and packaging.

For marketing, we offer eco-friendly alternatives to your favorite trending promotional products. If you can’t find it on our website, we’ll source it for you free of charge. With minimum content of 85 percent renewable resources and 65 percent biodegradable resources, Deluxe promotional products are guaranteed to reduce your company’s environmental impact in marketing initiatives by 50 percent or more.

When you’re ready to take it a step further, our consulting and logistics team is standing by to provide you with biodegradable packaging options for all of your product lines. All products are fully customizable and made to order.

As of January 1, 2019, Deluxe offers a referral rewards program for anyone who successfully refers a business to our sustainable promotional and packaging solutions. You can learn more about it here.

With the growing support of North American businesses across every industry, Deluxe is proud to be paving the way for continental promotional sustainability. To join the growing number of business opting to promote without polluting, email your logo and product ideas to and let’s get started on your path to marketing sustainability.