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Science is Prioritizing Social Entrepreneurship Development in 2019

A significant number of millennial entrepreneurs incorporate environmental responsibility and social impact into their business models. In fact, this generation has prioritized this so much that it’s projected to become the first generation to leave the environment in a better state than it found it.

While positive social change has grown rapidly since the dawn of this millennium, there is a lack of information regarding sub niche social dilemmas and environmental changes. Scientists have recently recognized that in order for social entrepreneurs and activists to create more effective models for change, they need to obtain a better understanding of budding social issues and how to measure them. When millennials are able to understand the how and the why of new socio-economic changes, they can then develop effective solutions for addressing these issues within their business vision.


Making Social Solutions a Priority

Scientists have found socio-economic changes are accelerating due to the global economic crisis, meaning that developing solutions efficiently and collaboratively has become essential to economic development. It has become the responsibility of companies, with their widespread marketing power, to adapt and respond to new social demands, both strategically and systemically, in order to effect positive change.

Researchers report that it is imperative entrepreneurs take a holistic business approach in order to combat these issues effectively.

This year, scientists are prioritizing research into rising social issues across the globe. The goal is to compile this research into measurable elements that can be easily assessed by social entrepreneurs to create large scale solutions using the power of business.

Creating Opportunities for Social Entrepreneurship

Social value has become a mandatory selling point in business. Now millennial entrepreneurs have access to reports of outstanding social situations and the opportunity to evaluate that data to develop solutions on a company scale.

When business experts are presented with measurable information, developing measurable solutions becomes a much simpler process. As research continues to define new social issues and expand on existing ones, entrepreneurs are more likely to prioritize social and environmental responsibility in their careers.

Even employed millennials can utilize this measurable data within company presentations and to drive marketing departments to shift focus towards addressing these issues.