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SIMS Metal Management: a Sustainability Leader in the Recycling Industry

Corporate environmental awareness is more important now than ever with businesses being aggressively called upon by activists to take initiative and conserve the environment. Social responsibility at the corporate level demands that companies do their share to implement sustainable practices in day-to-day operations. Waste management and green initiatives are the most prominent of these priorities and some companies take these initiatives to the next level. One of these companies is Sims Metal Management. With locations across the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia, this company is making waves worldwide.

After realizing the environmental crisis and the growing demand for limited resources, Sims made it their business to reduce the global carbon footprint by reusing and recycling scrap metals discarded by businesses. Their aim is to address climate change by changing corporate mindsets about the appropriate use of natural resources and encouraging responsible waste disposal.

Sims has over one hundred years of recycling experience and owns and operates hundreds of recycling facilities all over the world. They provide complete recycling services and solutions, including dismantling, collecting, transporting, and selling tons upon tons of discarded metal and electronic parts. Aside from global operations, the company is actively supporting municipal recycling in big cities across North America and is always adapting to the changes in all areas of the recycling industry. As the electronic industry grows exponentially, Sims now offers e-recycling, which includes the secure disposal of information technology equipment and data warehouses, as well as the recycling of cloud material. 

The company’s social responsibility extends to its investments. For one, Sims invests in the research and development of a more advanced waste disposal system that will further reduce the global carbon footprint and make more efficient use of landfills. They also invest in the use of renewable energy sources, including biogas and solar energy, to meet power generation needs across Australia and New Zealand as well as their own electrical needs. According to the company’s 2020 Sustainability Report, Sims made significant contributions to other environmental projects like the Australia Bushfire Relief and Brooklyn’s Billion Oyster Project as well.

Sims Metal Management was honored by Corporate Knights as 2020’s most sustainable corporation in the world. They are 1 of only 29 companies from North America to have received this recognition. The company stands for creating a world without waste to preserve our planet and, with a focus is on metal and electronics recycling and renewable energy, they are indeed a global leader and innovator on this front.

The Sims environmental policy is their business policy and sits at the heart of their business model. For each new company goal, target, and strategy, Sims carefully considers not only their bottom line but also the impact of their initiatives on the environment. With experience and sheer determination to innovate and adapt changes in both the industrial and environmental landscape, we are excited to see where this company leads the recycling industry.