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Green Marketing Strategies are Better for Your Brand

Green marketing strategies sell a company’s products and/or services by placing emphasis on their environmental benefits. In this growing age of sustainability – where eco-conscious millennials are the face of your target market – integrating environmental awareness into your marketing Read more…

Design your own reusable biodegradable food wraps… for LESS!

Deluxe custom biodegradable food wraps are here… and they’re AWESOME! Design your own reusable beeswax food wraps to sell to customers or to give as a promotional gift.     Compare at $18 a set retail price PLUS shipping. At Read more…

What the cork is up with these new smartphone cases?

We’re always looking for new sustainable alternatives for business promotion. Recently, we stumbled upon these eco-friendly smartphone cases. Holy cork! These cork cases are a safe, durable, environmentally conscious alternative to plastic phone cases. When in use, a layer of Read more…