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The Secret Science Behind Brushing with Bamboo

You’ve witnessed the influx of bamboo toothbrushes taking over your social media news feed. You’ve read time and time again about the environmental benefits of using a biodegradable toothbrush. But what about the oral benefits of swapping your disposable plastic Read more…

How Promotional Beeswax Food Wraps are Saving the Bees

Controversy surrounds the use of bee byproducts by humans in the vegan community. The truth is, though, beeswax and honey can be harvested humanely with little to no effect on the hive. In fact, most beekeepers are mindful to return Read more…

Slap Your Logo on these Hot New Eco-Friendly Promo Ideas

We’re always searching for great new sustainable product ideas to support business promotion without the pollution. This has proven to be a tricky business because many of the promotional products on the market are completely unsustainable, non-degradable, packed in tonnes Read more…