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TerraCycle is on a Mission to Close the Waste Loop

The question of responsibility comes up a lot when we think about recycling and the division of labor in a circular economic model. From a consumer perspective, recycling should fall on the shoulders of the many corporations producing unsustainably. From a corporate perspective, this cost is almost always passed on to the consumer.

Every so often, though, a corporation will go above and beyond to be a part of the solution. TerraCycle is one of those corporations.

TerraCycle is a social enterprise whose entire business model revolves around monetizing the recycling process to be profitable for all, including charities. This organization has partnered with a myriad of companies and charities across the globe to synthesize the collections process and create incentive for both individuals and entities to close their waste cycle. TerraCycle is the only company in the world creating value by recycling the non-recyclable.

Targeting those pesky, typically non-recyclable items, TerraCyle’s mission is to #RecycleEverything. Not only is the company on a mission to recycle, TerraCycle created sister company Loop to offer a platform for reusable items as well. All of the items available in the Loop store are cleaned and ready to be refilled with your favorite sustainable products. They even coordinate refills.

TerraCycle’s nationally acclaimed recycling programs are funded by the corporations that create the waste, finally making it possible to recycle what used to be impossible-to-recycle waste. The social enterprise is hellbent on finding solutions to the challenges of recycling the unrecyclable. In fact, they’ve partnered with numerous companies to achieve targeted recycling objectives for a variety of items, such as turning cigarette butts into benches.

Click here to browse brand-funded collections programs offered across the USA. Programs are also available in the United Kingdom, Canada, China, and more. Create a company account with TerraCycle to start recycling your disposable packaging today. Of course, choosing Deluxe biodegradable packaging made with love and plants at our specialty factories is always the best option.

Founder, Tom Szaky, has also authored four books and pioneered a Pivot show entitled Human Resources, which follows a day in the life of a TerraCycle employee. We can’t wait to eat them all up and hope you will too.

If investment in clean technology is a portfolio passion of yours or your company, you may wish to consider investment in one of the fastest growing green companies in the world. By investing, you will be a proud owner of a firm that’s revolutionizing recycling. You can read more about owning a share in TerraCycle here.