Sustainable Promotional Merchandise and Packaging

The Process of Transitioning to Biodegradable Packaging

So, you’ve heard about the benefits of switching to sustainable biodegradable packaging for your products and you’re ready to make the leap, but how?

The greatest barrier for businesses to utilizing sustainable packaging technology is simply not knowing where to start. Standard packaging is easier, because it’s currently the norm and what most factories provide by default. We’re happy to tell you that as experienced negotiators with factories across Asia, we are here to seamlessly coordinate the transition to sustainable packaging for you.


sustainable biodegradable packaging alternatives


Step #1 – Sourcing

The first step is to source the type of packaging you need. Be it boxes, trays, film, or other, we will source it for the best price from our most reliable international sources. We will present options to you in written format for your review.


Step #2 – Development

While you review packaging options, we will develop a combination of your favorites that best fit your needs. The goal is to come up with a sustainable alternative as close to your current packaging as possible.


Step #3 – Design

Our designers will work with you to make sure your new packaging has a look and feel that resonates with your brand. This new design may be identical to your current branding or may exhibit a new eco-friendly tune – it’s up to you!


Step #4 – Coordination

When your packaging is designed and ready to go, we’ll make arrangements to have the disassembled packaging delivered straight to your place of production or packaging department. If your products are produced internationally, your factory is likely already outsourcing packaging production, so it’s generally an easy switch. Ironically, this part that clients worry is going to be too difficult is often the easiest part of the entire process.


Step #5 – Replenishment

We can either arrange a regular replenishment schedule in advance or you can email to restock as needed. We prioritize packaging delivery and will respond to all packaging-related queries right away.


Begin the transition to biodegradable packaging today. Email with an outline of your current production and packaging situation (photos are much appreciated!) to get started.