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These Green Bricks Put Plastic Waste to Good Use

Plastic is responsible for many of the environmental issues we face today, from its production to the the toxic gases it emits to the harmful chemicals that seep into surrounding land and water when it’s disposed of. Unrecycled plastic products fill up landfills and oceans, posing dangers to humans and wildlife alike. It’s a terrible scene. However, simply leaving plastic to pollute the environment isn’t a sustainable option, so the innovative minds at Recycle Rebuild turned the problem into a solution.

The scientists at Recycle Rebuild realized that plastic is actually very valuable as a building material because of its longevity and durability. For this reason, it is ideal for use as a building brick. Recycled plastic bricks can be used as an excellent alternative to concrete bricks. This reduces the need to blast mountains and actually scales down algal blooms in the ocean by eliminating some presence of phosphorus in the water, which comes from the rock blasts. The team’s innovation is reshaping the way we look at construction and several companies have already employed the bricks in small-scale construction projects around the world.

Plastic is virtually indestructible and it takes hundreds of years before it breaks down. This is why it is harmful to the environment and why we avoid using plastic in our products and packaging. However plastic’s strength and durability are the very reasons why it is ideal for recycling into a building material. Not only is it five to seven times stronger than concrete, plastic is also lightweight, waterproof, sun-resistant, and easy to mold into the desired brick or other shape.

Depending on the recipe, the plastic can be reused as is. In other cases, it may be shredded, flaked, powdered, melted or mixed with other substances.

One of the issues raised against using recycled plastic bricks in construction is the long-term effects of plastic on the building environment. The technology is relatively new and some argue that the same harmful chemicals will eventually break down, leak and contaminate the soil and water on the property. Preventing this will be a cornerstone for the new building material, but it is also worth noting the emissions will happen whether it is employed as a building material or not.

The potential for plastic in the construction industry doesn’t stop at bricks. Researchers are working on other applications for this material such as roof tiles and plastic lumber. Thanks to the engagement of the construction industry, the government, and the public with the notion of the circular economy, it seems the market and minds are opening wide to the possibility of using reclaimed plastic to replace conventional building materials worldwide.

If you are a construction company or building materials supplier, we challenge you to support the repurposing of plastic waste and supply this material to your clients. Joining the initiative could make you an industry leader as this sustainable trend continues to gain global momentum. We’ll even sweeten the deal. Email and let us know how it’s going to get 5 percent off your next order of 1000 units or more of any promotional product.