Sustainable Promotional Merchandise and Packaging

What are Your Business Cards Really Saying About You?

Each year over 100 billion business cards are produced worldwide. Not surprising considering that business cards are the most essential business promotional tool, regardless of industry. What is surprising is the statistic 6 million trees required to manufacture all of these cards.

Did you know that 90% of business cards are discarded? We distribute business cards readily, but receivers are quick to toss them in the bin without an immediate or foreseen relevance or after they’ve digitally entered your data. To make it worse, many of us are guilty of periodically redesigning our cards and discarding any outdated leftovers.

Green alternatives to standard business cards

Business cards may be recyclable, but that doesn’t justify the immense deforestation and habitat destruction they effect. Social entrepreneurs have gotten innovative with new media for business card production: from recycled cotton t-shirts to agricultural waste to pulp from recycled paper products. All of these eco-friendly alternatives prevent further deforestation at the hands of business promotion and utilize discarded resources in the process.

The price difference between standard card stock business cards and environmentally responsible alternatives is relatively minimal and it’s a marginal cost you can feel good about. Handing out recycled cards tells your clients that you care and that you stand for environmental and social responsibility.

How to stand out for all the right reasons

Eco-friendly business cards can appear as standard or as noticeably recycled as you’d like. Cards made from recycled cotton t-shirts tend to come out even whiter than a standard white finish, making them a fabulous option for white collar professionals. On the flip side, recycled paper and agricultural waste exhibit a fibrous look that will appeal to environmentally conscious markets. Don’t be afraid to get crazy with your design. Making note of your sustainable intentions on your cards will elicit more positive feedback and encourage like-minded clientele to come your way.