Sustainable Promotional Merchandise and Packaging

What the cork is up with these new smartphone cases?

We’re always looking for new sustainable alternatives for business promotion. Recently, we stumbled upon these eco-friendly smartphone cases. Holy cork!

These cork cases are a safe, durable, environmentally conscious alternative to plastic phone cases.

When in use, a layer of cork covers the phone’s back providing thermal, acoustic and anti-shock insulation. These cases can be crafted into a variety of styles and have certified antibacterial properties and protect against battery radiation.


cork smart phone case for promotion



Easy-to-grip cork smartphone cases are made of a single piece of cork sourced from both renewable cork oaks and reclaimed discarded corks from the wine industry. Finished with wax and oil, the cases are smooth to the touch (not craggy like the bulletin board you had in elementary school). The naturally occurring resin found in cork allows the material plenty of give, so when you apply pressure to the sides of your phone, the top of the case does not bulge out.


cork smartphone case for promotion styles


Deluxe has four styles of cork smartphone cases all ready to be engraved with your custom logo or design. If you have a color/texture preference not shown, let us know and we’ll do our best to  accommodate.

Price includes shipping. Cases can be made to fit any style of smartphone.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to order yours now!