Sustainable Promotional Merchandise and Packaging

Wheat Straw Utensils Showcase Your Logo and Reduce Emissions

Eco-friendly is in when it comes to promotional products, but what if you could do more than simply not pollute? Custom wheat straw utensils are one member of the Deluxe promotional merchandise family that make this notion a reality.

Wheat straw is the stalk left over after grains are harvested. It is abundant because we use grains to feed billions of people in addition to trillions of farm animals. As with most agricultural byproducts, wheat straw is most often disposed of through burning. This traditional disposal method, however, harms the environment in more ways than one. When agricultural waste is burned, it releases methane, a harmful greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere and contributes to global warming. It also contributes indirectly to deforestation.

Because of its structural qualities, processed wheat straw actually has a lot of practical applications. In our factories, we use it to make kitchenware like our custom wheat straw utensils. Dishes and utensils made from wheat straw are heat-resistant, water-resistant, oil-resistant, and built to last. Strong and durable, wheat straw is the perfect alternative to disposable plastic and paper products of the same nature. It is also a great alternative to tupperware.

Not only does wheat straw relieve Earth from some toxic plastic pollution, it can also save trees that would otherwise be used as inputs for disposable paper products. Wheat straw can be processed into pulp in the same way trees are without cutting down precious forests and the result has the same structural integrity as paper. In this way, using wheat straw as a manufacturing alternative helps prevent deforestation and preserves our ecosystems. 

Unlike traditional plastic products, which take hundreds of years to decompose and release hundreds of harmful chemicals into the soil along the way, wheat straw plastic breaks down as quickly as paper. Since it is a natural by-product in itself, there is no toxic residue left behind when it decomposes, making it safe as an additive to agricultural compost. This means at the end of its lifecycle, it can be used to grow more grains… and more wheat straw. Talk about reduce, reuse and recycle!

Wheat straw is approved by food and drug authorities around the world for use in the microwave, dishwasher and freezer. It’s something all of your customers can use in their kitchens and in their handbags when they go out to eat. Consider using a wheat straw alternative like our custom wheat straw utensils for your next promotional giveaway. We’re also happy to source wheat straw alternatives to more of your favorite promotional products, just email your logo and product ideas to

When you opt to put your logo on our new biodegradable wheat straw utensils or another wheat straw alternative, you’re not only promoting sustainably, you’re removing a whole lot of agricultural waste that would have otherwise been burned. Using this material to produce reusable items with your logo means your clients don’t have to use disposable counterparts, the discarded wheat straw won’t contribute to global warming, and your logo gets shown off around town. Sounds like a pretty good deal to us.